Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Practice Time Again

Time flies when you are having fun, and it is practice time again. This time it is at ETB, Saturday the 18th February. Flying starts at 07h00! Oh my word that is early.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Question (Part II)

Disney & Tarrintino themselves, could not have provided for a more tense story; in a scene reminiscent of the brave Scots facing the might of the English armies (or so the experienced team claimed from first-hand knowledge?), the youthful challengers squared up against the mass of experience. As each team took its turn, fair banter (in cricket it is properly termed 'sledging' the opponents) was exchanged. During one of these encounters, Prepatation's statements caused Tantor to completely crack-up & he fell rather solidly half way through their launch. But just to show the 'lighties' their dedication, they hobbled back for the next launch ' only to trip again soon thereafter.

Scientific investigation revealed that this continuous falling was nothing to do with a disregard for physical fitness, or the less than smooth terrain being traversed, but rather had to do with the unique notion of straight line momentum, inertia & the curvature of the earth. As any physicst would explain, any body in motion will resist a change to this state unless acted upon by an external force (inertia). In this case the mass differences between the moving bodies & that of gravity were so close, that straight line acceleration (well, measured in geographic terms anyway) effectively occurred. A momentary loss of traction due to the increasing distant to the earth (straight line vs. curved surface) & resulted in the body experiencing an uneven distribution of mass (which is already rather perilously frontally balanced), finally resulting in the less than graceful, but ultimately thunderous arrival, more akin with rudder-elevator pilots attempting the FAI circle landing.

To be fair, each team was matched in a variety of conditions, ranging from windless sink, moderate wind & sink, and a rather fresh breeze & sink (the less than upward air movement description added by the pilots). To ensure proper scientific discipline being observed, certain 'performance enhancing' stimulants were administered in highly observed & measured dosages to both teams, and other than the additional BS resulting from the sugar high, no material improvements were observed between the teams.

Much to everyone's surprise, the average launch height is higher for the light-weight team. The best launch of the day was provided by The Brain who won the bragging rights until the next practice, when Dorey will surely attack this accomplishment with a more suitable weapon. And so, the day concluded, as each side withdrew to treat their wounded (well the heavies did suffer some friction attrition & apparently exceptionally high doses of lactic acid build-up). More importantly to those waiting with baited breath was the outcome of this most 'scientifical of experiments' (ref: Tigger. 2006); irrefutable proof that age does appear before beauty, but the latter is the most powerful when harnessed with youthful speed, whereas the former statistically tends towards the attraction of mass, particularly in the Kimberly region according to some knowledgeable observers.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Practice - 4 Feb 2006

The team had an interesting, informative and incident filled practice session at MMS on Saturday the 4th of February.

Sadly Conrad and Paul couldn't attend the practice. However the team was joined by Evan and Charl who where present to analyse the effects mass have on the tow team. It was also excellent having Piet Rheeders and Stephane Duponsel drop in and provide moral support.

The flying started just after 07h00 with each pilot doing a full dead air duration flight. Craig certainly showed everyone that the Ava is well suited to this task. Thereafter some fairly serious launch analysis drills where flown.

Some incidents that punctuated the day, where Mark having a elevator linkage failure on one flight, but managing (more through luck) to land the plane fairly gently. Chris also had some interesting elevator / fin / fuselage interface issues.

After official practice ended, poor Simon lost his Eish! in a high speed anaerobic ground interface. This incident was later attributed to a flat RX battery.

In the afternoon Kurt set about posting a postals score of 1,324 over 3 flights in really lousy conditions. Had lightning and rain not have intervened, he would probably got over 2,200!!! Excellent flying Kurt.

Many thanks to Michelle for organising the event, Lionel for putting in 300%, as well as Evan and Charl for helping and Piet and Stephane for supporting.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Question (or Tiggers Challenge) Chapter 1

A cold mist blows across the ancient African plains. Out of the early morning gloom strides the warriors, their faces painted in battle colours, their armour prepared for battle. But this is no ordinary morning, for on this morning not only are these warriors going into battle, but far more importantly is that this morning the eyes of the world rests on the shoulders of these few. For this morning represents the deep societal question; age before beauty? Will youth, exuberance, and speed be able to beat the mighty weight of experience? The battle lines are drawn one side representing the hopes of rising stars (& ADD survivors) the world over, the other side representing years of good eating &drinking (strangely devoid of Ritalin).

First up are the youthful challengers – well they did get to the battlefield almost an hour earlier than the more sleep challenged individuals. With the lines set, they lean into their task & their glistening shoulder muscles take up the load. The signal is sent & with a massive display of explosive power they hurtle forward, launching into the abyss. At 6 foot, blue eyed & bloody handsome, the challengers turn & smile at their results. Hardly a sweat has broken & they eagerly take up the strain for the next skirmish.

Only after the last sparrow has fallen out of its nest & just before the local Wimpy begins offering its lunch specials, the heavy weights of experience thunder to the battle lines. Actually, stroll would be a better description as the affects of their first cup of coffee takes considerable time to reach their outer limbs. Their mighty ab’s expand (or should that have read as “expansive abdomens”?) as they take up the strain. On the signal, like a heard of stampeding elephants, they gather momentum & move forward launching into the African sky. They slow down & amble back to the next challenge.

The challengers glance nervously around – clearly it will be rather close as the notion of power being represented by mass and acceleration is represented rather differently on the two sides.

Fortunately technology is on hand & the first comparison reveals,…………

End of Part
One /… be continued

Eish! building progress

Kurt's first Eish! taking shape. Visible in the background is the molds with next set of wings in them.

Practice Time Again

It's that time again, when the F3J nuts gather at MMS at 06h30 (Saturday the 4th) in order to be in the air by 07h00. 30 flights scheduled (10 per pilot). It is bound to be a hectic day, with practice followed by F3K hour, followed by postals!!!

Just to make life interesting Craig and Mark have a "King of the Launch" challenge going that allows the winner to have undisputed bragging rights....... Chris will probably beat them both.

BTW - spectators, commentators and peanut gallery are welcome. Don't forget to bring an F3K plane with to fly chuckie hour afterwards. Then bring a big glider with to fly postals.