Monday, February 06, 2006

Practice - 4 Feb 2006

The team had an interesting, informative and incident filled practice session at MMS on Saturday the 4th of February.

Sadly Conrad and Paul couldn't attend the practice. However the team was joined by Evan and Charl who where present to analyse the effects mass have on the tow team. It was also excellent having Piet Rheeders and Stephane Duponsel drop in and provide moral support.

The flying started just after 07h00 with each pilot doing a full dead air duration flight. Craig certainly showed everyone that the Ava is well suited to this task. Thereafter some fairly serious launch analysis drills where flown.

Some incidents that punctuated the day, where Mark having a elevator linkage failure on one flight, but managing (more through luck) to land the plane fairly gently. Chris also had some interesting elevator / fin / fuselage interface issues.

After official practice ended, poor Simon lost his Eish! in a high speed anaerobic ground interface. This incident was later attributed to a flat RX battery.

In the afternoon Kurt set about posting a postals score of 1,324 over 3 flights in really lousy conditions. Had lightning and rain not have intervened, he would probably got over 2,200!!! Excellent flying Kurt.

Many thanks to Michelle for organising the event, Lionel for putting in 300%, as well as Evan and Charl for helping and Piet and Stephane for supporting.

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