Monday, March 26, 2007

Natal Championships

The Natal Championships where held this past weekend. This was the first F3J like contest of the year in that the Open Class competitors flew to F3J rules, but where launched off 200m winches.

The results are:


1st Conrad Klintworth (Jnr) 4999 Experience Pro
2nd Allan Sneedon 4861 Graphite 2
3rd Mark Stockton 4653 Supra
4th Brad Conlon 4620 Experience Pro
5th Don Slatter 4604 Pike Superior
6th Dennis Bird 4447 Esprit
7th Volney Klintworth 4379 Mkulu
8th John Coulson 4363 Experience Pro
9th Kurt Stockton (Jnr) 4258 Escape / Eish!
10th Paul Boswarva 4089 Supra
11th Simon Nelson 4018 Mkulu
12th Brian Fanning 3475
13th Ryan Nelson 3406 Mkulu
14th William Cranmer 1169

2 Metre

1st Brad Conlon 4937 Mini Graphite
2nd John Coulson 4678 Mini Graphite
3rd Conrad Klintworth (Jnr) 4669 Spirit
4th Dennis Bird 4615 Spirit
5th Paul Boswarva 4375
6th Volney Klintworth 4355 Spirit
7th Allan Sneedon 4036
8th Fred Wittstock 3624 OD
9th Simon Nelson 3118 Lanier
10th William Cranmer(Jnr) 2791
11th Ryan Nelson 2244 Lanier
12th Don Slatter 1889


1st Dennis Bird 4618 Eliminator
2nd Allan Sneedon 4003 Sagitta
3rd Fred Wittstock 3936 OD
4th Simon Nelson 3060 Cumulus
5th Ryan Nelson (Jnr) 2716 Lanier

Reports and pictures to follow.

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