Saturday, January 21, 2006

Team practice

The team (with the exception of Conrad and Chris) met at MMS at 06h30 for the first early morning "dead air" practice. The conditions where better that expected with a mild northerly wind to help launches. Also even from 07h00, light yet consistent lift was available.

The practice went very well apart from an incident where Craig's Eish! (Eish!!!) stalled completely on launch, going into a flat spin.

Paul impressed everyone with his smooth flying. Kurt is also looking very polished. Simon is steadily improving, Mark was impressed with Simon's calling. (Ilma's comment)

Tigger towed tirelessly all morning giving 120% for every single launch (and some skin).

Tigger will post some photo's when he has access to some bandwidth.

Most flights were recorded using a Alti 2 data logger for analysis.

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