Monday, January 23, 2006

Tiggers Early Morning Practice Report

The first formal practiced dawned early with a cool overcast Highveld morning. A breeze was blowing and this considerably assisted the launches in the low-lift conditions. Mark tested the conditions first with a winch launch or two, but afterwards we resorted to the standard tow lines for all practice flights.

We decided to use both the fixed “yolk” approach as well as straps – and the pilots will analyse the launch data to see which is most effective according to the conditions.

The first tow (Mark’s Eish!) went off relatively smoothly even though the ground was really rough to run across. Conditions were initially challenging for the pilots; low cloud & very little lift.

Kurt was the first junior up the line – the juniors provided the most challenging tows for most of the day.

Smooth-flying Paul showed everyone else how to do it – finding lift & finishing off with a good landing.

Craig returning from another successful flight (this was taken after his Eish! flat-spun in on launch #2).

The pilots also had a chance to tow: Mark & Craig square up for their start signal.

Run, Forrest, run! Apparently this is extremely rare footage of Craig towing :)

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