Monday, November 06, 2006

Simon Tladi receives SA Eagle Trophy

At the National Aeroclub awards banquette, Simon Tladi was recognised and awarded the SA Eagle Trophy for the Most Meritorious Achievement at an International event. The details of the citation where are follows:

Simon was introduced to the Model Gliding Association and SAMAA at an Awareness programme run at AAD2004 at Waterkloof. During 2005, Craig Goodrum, a top radio controlled giding pilot, and a member of the F3J gliding team brought Simon into his club, and started Simon on a mentoring program.

Simon went solo, and flew in his first competition in October 2005. He flew again in a competition in November. Realising Simon's potential, he was given the opportunity to improve his skills and competed for a place on the F3J team. In February 2006, at a competition he achieved the requirement of obtaining a minimum of 80% of the top pilots score, Simon achieved 93%, and became the a member of the F3J Junior Team to represent South Africa at the World Championships to be held in Martin Slovakia.

In August 2006, Simon was part of the first full junior team to represent South Africa at an Aeromodelling World Championship, Simon is also the first black pilot to represent South Africa at an Aeromodelling World Championship, achieving 85% of the Junior World Champ. These are all incredible feats, for both Simon and South Africa.

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