Monday, October 09, 2006

F3J @ BERG Photos

Jessie took the following photos between capturing the scores. Look out for the pic of Craig being ably assisted by Mathew.

Group photo of all contestants

The flight line with Evan in the distance

Conrad Klintworth (sitting) calling for his Dad, Volney

Trinity and Suprinity (Supra wing on Trinity Fuse) as flown by Craig

Gert calling for Stephane

Mathew Goodrum helping his Dad, Craig fly

Stephane launching Marks Supra

Team BERG, Piet about to launch his Totsi 100 with Evan calling

Gert working on his Supra while his Son watches. Craig launching for Dad, Rodney in background

Volney launching his Eish!

Kurt Stockton calling for Dad, Mark during one of the more stressfull flights

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