Wednesday, October 04, 2006


The contest format for this event will be as follow's:

  • This is an F3J off 150 meter winch (300m line) event.

  • The maximum number of team members has been reduce to two (2).

  • Due to the reduced number of helpers, we increase the prep time per round
    From 5 to 7 minutes. This allow's the recovery of winch lines, posting of scores etc.

  • 8 rounds with 2 slots each are scheduled to be flown. Provided we fly 6 or more rounds there will be a single throw away.

  • 2 X 15 minute fly-off with the top 5 competitors going head to head. There is no throw away in the fly-off rounds

  • If one of the top 5 competitors drops out to help another, number 6 gets a
    shot etc.

Pilots briefing at: 7.45 am.

Competition Start: 8:00 am.

Entry fee:

Senior’s: R20.00

Junior’s: R10 00

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